Artist Statement

I work with recycled electronics and other discarded materials to create assemblage sculptures.  I enjoy the challenges presented by using other peoples “trash” as a medium.  My goal is to merge my lifelong fascination of time and intricate futuristic design. In doing so, I aim to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. With a collective effort focused on sustaining our planet, we can all contribute to the longevity of our resources.

The materials I work with are selected based on, size, shape, texture, weight, complexity, and availability.  While using these found and recycled objects I attempt to create a visual balance through rhythm.  I add layer upon layer of material to increase the depth and character of each piece.  This process lasts until I achieve a desired level of intricacy and fluidity. It is then that I believe each piece has developed its own character and identity.

I have always been intrigued by the abstract idea of time, as well as timepieces in general.  In my recent works I explore the usefulness of the useless.  I disassemble a lot of discarded computers, radios, and other electronic devices.  Looking beyond the once functional objects purpose, I view it as a shape, a tool, and a piece of a larger puzzle.  When people see my work I want them to be overwhelmed with curiosity and intrigue, finding it difficult to walk by without stopping. It’s important that my viewers draw their own conclusions based on the emotions invoked by pieces that fascinate them.  Interpretation is personal.