Growing up in the New England town of Norwalk, CT, Michael Johnston was exposed to a diverse culture.  Being a short train ride away from New York City proved beneficial and instrumental in his development as an artist. Michael’s fascination and eagerness grew immensely as he became closely familiar with the world of street art and murals in the early 90s.  This art form drove Michael’s passion to understand the vast dimensions, styles and genres of art.

Michael soon realized his own personal obsession with sharp edges, technical designs, futuristic concepts, mechanical images, and clocks could all be channeled into his art.

As a life goal and as an artist, Michael strives for originality and growth.  He utilizes recycled and discarded materials whenever possible.  Often times old electronics,most of which he dismantles himself.  Michael is driven by progress and pushes himself to work on his art every day.  When asked how he would categorize his work, Michael responds that he tries to convey movement, flow, and continuity in his art.  He considers himself an abstract expressionist, frequently utilizing additive sculpture to intensify and bring to life thoughts and ideas.

For Michael Johnston, art is not only his passion, but a way of life – constantly growing, changing, learning and understanding.